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Dynaflex Sailbattens
Loods 20
Hurksestraat 20-38
5652 AK Eindhoven
The Netherlands
Phone: +31611584888


Measurement of sailbatten pressure (Compression)

  1. Pressure must be measured with the sailbatten compressed by 10% of its straight length.
  2. The sailbatten must be measured with the tapered end down so nearly the whole weight is compressing the thin end.
  3. Measure length of sailbatten
  4. Multiply length of the sailbatten by 0.9 (This is measurement A).
  5. Push the sailbatten down until the tape measurer is equal to measurement A, then read the reading on the scale.
Battencurve, maximum flexpoint or draft

  1. Measure total length of the sailbatten.
  2. Place the sailbatten on it’s edge on a flat table, marked in units of 1 cm, then compress the batten by 10% of it’s total length and the highest point can now be determinded. (D)
  3. You can now make a flexpoint (draft) calculation. Sailbatten length is 200 cm. Compressed lenght is 0.9 x 200 cm. = 180 cm. Length AB = 81 Flexpoint (draft) calculation = 81/180 x 100 = 45%
  4. Draw a line along the compressed sailbatten.
  5. You now have the bending curve of the sailbatten.
Measuring the deflection of an untapered  sailbatten under a fixed load of 2KG or 5 KG. deflection

Protection Kote

Protection Kote is a very light heatshrink polyester wrapping which totally protects the batten.

Some advantages are:

1. It make’s the sailbatten stronger.
2. Smoother, glossier finish.
3. Less chafing on the sail.
4. No splinters in your fingers.
5. When a sailbatten should break it will hold all the pieces together.

Protection Kote is on all sailbattens except Standard battens (30 x 3 ; 15 x 3).

Sailbatten endcaps